Stop the Dieting Insanity with Garcinia Cambogia

operationleakspin-garciniaThese days, a lot of health foods are starting to sprout in supermarkets all over the world. Most of them use organic materials in order to make it as healthy as it can be. Furthermore, it can also slow down risks of life-threatening diseases such as cancer, heart ailments, and the like. Perhaps a well-balanced diet is a key to stay healthy, and there are new ways to kick the dieting habit. Garcinia cambogia pure is probably the most popular, which you can easily see over at

One of them is a new superfruit diet introduced by none other than Doctor Oz, a renowned doctor who has been a regular in the Oprah Winfrey Show and currently hosts his eponymous show on the Oprah Winfrey Network. In several of the program’s episodes, he showed how chemical extracts from other plants (like garcinia cambogia extract) could help obese individuals lose weight and gradually regain their normal pant size.

Raspberry ketone, a compound present in raspberries, has been said to contain fat-burning properties. They first tested its ability on rats, and showed how its chemical components can help melt the fat in its stomachs. Scientists then conclude that this substance can also be helpful in breaking up fat in human beings. Raspberry ketone can be a helpful component in burning down fat, especially when one consumes about 100 mg of it.

Another significant fat-burning substance comes from the acai berry. The berries originate from Brazil, and contain good amounts of antioxidants, amino acids and beneficial fatty acids. It has been regarded as the world’s ‘super food’ due to its ability to maintain good health and well-being.

African mango is another alternative in weight loss. The product contains Vitamin B, another viable compound used to break down fat and turn it into energy for better flow of digestion. In addition, it promotes better skin tone and enhances the immune system.

Then there is the green coffee extract. This substance comes from coffee beans unroasted and dried to preserve its green state, thus retaining valuable nutrients with it. The main ingredient of this compound is chlorogenic acid, designed to burn fatty acids. Green coffee extract is another healthy discovery for weight watchers to use.

Superfruit diet, combined with exercise and healthy eating, can contribute to weight loss and disease prevention. These new discoveries, some of them as explained by Doctor Oz, should help people with weight troubles and other health concerns, contributing to a better way to live healthy and free.